Broke in Berlin: Exploring the city on a budget

Ever experienced the excruciating pain that is a five week month? When pay day seems just so far away and in reality, it bloody is. Well, before me and Andrei went on our city break to Berlin, this is the situation us poor victims of retail were having. Pay day landed – quite literally – as we got back to the UK, which was super helpful. *insert upside down smiley face emoji* However, we managed to do three days in Berlin on a budget and still had an amazing time. We drank, we shopped (well, we window shopped), we travelled around and we enjoyed some culture. It is still all so doable on a super tight budget, and here’s how. Continue reading Broke in Berlin: Exploring the city on a budget

Just Another Review of 2018

I have been sat here for the past hour or so attempting to transcribe an hour long bloody focus group – as dissertation calls and all that, yet to be honest it has only resulted in a hell of a lot of procrastination through watching every ‘full face of Glossier’ review on YouTube whilst contemplating why I was not blessed with smooth, perfect skin and … Continue reading Just Another Review of 2018