OOTD: A Casual Look For ‘Spring’

We all know that British weather does not have the best track record when it comes to warming up at this time of the year, but winter has decided to drag out just that little bit longer this year. As a result, winter clothes are still with us and any prospective spring clothes we may have bought are still currently hanging in the wardrobe unworn. … Continue reading OOTD: A Casual Look For ‘Spring’

Personal Style: What Do Your Saved Items Say About Yours?

Hello, hello. So these past couple of weeks have been my first few lectures back at uni after a six week Christmas break and boy, am I STILL feeling this return to academia. In fact, I think my brain is officially fried after returning to 9am starts and an abundance of coursework. I’m struggling to cope with what exactly the words essay and deadline even … Continue reading Personal Style: What Do Your Saved Items Say About Yours?

An All Year-Round Scent

If you are sick of the fragrance you got over Christmas already or you are wanting something fresher as we enter the spring months, then ‘Amber’ by Laboratory is the ideal all year-round scent for you. I have been wearing this perfume for a couple of years now and it is honestly the most complimented perfume I have ever owned! Yet it is so underrated or … Continue reading An All Year-Round Scent

Older, Wiser, and Slightly Crazier

So my twenties are nearly here and I cannot tell you how strangely exciting it feels on top of other birthdays. We all make that comment of, ‘oh, but I don’t feel any different‘ when we become a year older but entering official adulthood is kind of special in a ‘mum, you can’t tell me what to do anymore‘ kind of way. Nevertheless, this has … Continue reading Older, Wiser, and Slightly Crazier