I’ll Take a Puffer Jacket in Every Colour, Please

In the year where pretty much our only opportunity for some fresh air was when we stepped away from our laptops to take a much anticipated lunchtime walk, it seems to be normal practice that we now tend to make a little more effort for the simplest of outings. How can one make a fashion statement without changing out of their joggers though? All rise, the puffer jackets.

Of course, it has been a long-standing wardrobe staple since forever, but over the past 12 months, we have had more of a reason to love and appreciate the puffer jacket. Whether it’s cosying up to walk the dog in the winter months or to run to the shops for a totally essential bottle of wine. A jacket that you can throw on and can guarantee will still make you look relatively stylish, almost like you haven’t forgotten how to dress yourself after sitting inside for a year and keep you warm. It seems unsurprising that this coat has become the must-have as of lately.

Having said this, most members of a household probably all own some form of padded jacket, it is not like it is a totally new concept. In fact, I actually think most dads are just programmed to own one from Mountain Warehouse. However, this trend came back with a vengeance in 2020 in the form of bold, bright and tonal colours, and it doesn’t seem like its going away any time soon – the Mountain Warehouse dads must be so confused.

From ASOS to NorthFace, you can take your pick from reasonable to more expensive prices. The likes of Depop also seem to be rife with people re-selling the latest popular winter fashion piece, that is if you don’t mind forking out £500 for a second-hand item that is usually half the price (I wish I was joking) Versatility seems to be their middle name too; with cropped, long-line, oversized styles; fur hoods, hidden hoods or no hoods at all. You want cord? You can have cord. Oh, you fancy a leather-look vibe? Because they have that too. You can pretty much build-your-dream-coat if you spend enough time browsing online.

Besides the fact that they are so popular right now, they have always been an ideal winter item to buy and cherish for years to come. A puffer jacket will never do you wrong. They will always be that long, warm hug you need when you are waiting for your car to defrost at 7 in the morning. Basically, once you own one, you won’t look back.

Links to coats from first to last:

  1. H&M (34.99)
  2. ASOS (£42)
  3. ASOS – COLLUSION (£40)
  4. ASOS (VERA MODA) (£84)
  5. Topshop (39.99)
  6. ZARA (£27.99)

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