Freshers FOMO – it’s legit

Just graduated and feeling major Freshers FOMO? Join the club.

It’s the big month – thousands of Freshers all over the country are settling in to their new university cities, drinking their body contents in vodka and probably already having thought about dropping out. Oh, those were the days! It’s insane to think that it was three years ago that I was in this position and since I’m still living and working in the city I attended university, I am feeling some major FOMO right now.

It’s a bizarre feeling really since I haven’t moved home and I’m yet to land myself the ideal grad job *still looking 24/7* I’m pretty much still in the thick of it. Buses take extra long with the onslaught of new arrivals getting on at the university bus stop, the shops are full of excited Freshers enjoying their new found student discounts and I on the other hand, am working full time wishing I could just go back and join in with my mates.

The time between graduation to this point now has been such a strange void period. Summer just felt like any other summer and almost like when September came, I would be returning back to my usual uni house, uni nights out and back to being surrounded by all of my friends. Yet, my friends have all moved home or to new cities and I’m now drinking wine alone on the sofa every Saturday night rather than contemplating which bar was the cheapest for us all to go to for happy hour.

I know it is not just me feeling this and I guess we are all feeling a little jealous of those just starting this crazy university adventure and wishing we could all be in that position again. We are feeling that whether we are back living at home or already dived into a new career. However, just because you’ve graduated and had your chance to wear your cap and gown, it doesn’t mean you can’t still join in and it certainly doesn’t mean that your social life has to end. The glory days may be over but your university experience and friendships aren’t. So resist that FOMO and be proud of where you are now or where you are just starting. Plus, if you can’t beat ‘em, just join ‘em. Once a fresher, always a fresher.

– On a more exciting note – if you’ve just recently graduated and your UNIDAYS account is still in date – 25% student discount at TOPSHOP TOPMAN until Sunday 29th September! Go, go, go.

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