FitFest Oxford 2019: The Summer of a Healthier and Happier You

As summer nears, so does our incessant need to gain that ‘perfect bikini body’. This year however, I cannot stress enough how important focusing on just simply being happy and healthy is – and FitFest Oxford, the annual wellbeing and fitness event, is the ideal place to show you how to do just that.

Following its first successful year, FitFest Oxford will be returning on Saturday 15th June to offer a jam-packed day of fitness classes, talks from experts and influencers, demos on food and beauty, as well as an entire zone dedicated to yoga and meditation. Alongside these activities will be a huge showcase of over 100 wellness, food, fitness and beauty brands, a nutritional food court for when you start to get peckish and even a VIP lounge. It seems like the ideal place to gain some inspiration towards health and wellbeing, right?

With summer quickly looming upon us, our health and fitness is something we always aim to improve – and even I am no stranger to feeling compelled to look good throughout the summer months. The media is always offering us with ‘ideal’ ways to look and present ourselves – what is often missing however, is some very important advice on how to feel good. Feeling good about yourself can change your entire mindset, including how you see yourself.

Who said insane dieting and crazy amounts of cardio were the best way to look good? Sometimes it is merely a few minor changes in your lifestyle that can make you feel 100x better about yourself, both your body and mind included – something which is far more important. Mental health is just as important as physical health. So with a combination of eating well, exercising to suit your ability and increase your overall energy, as well as just being far more considerate of yourself, you too can be feeling good in time for summer before you know it.

Sometimes these things are much easier said than done however, and I for one, am admittedly terrible when it comes to maintaining the motivation to exercise or feel inspired to make some beneficial changes. Sometimes we just need some help in the form of tips, advice and demonstrations on how to obtain and improve a healthy lifestyle. Well, FitFest Oxford has you covered and is ready to inspire you to kickstart that new found happier and healthier life of yours.

The event will offer you the chance to sit down with experts such as The Naked Professor, Healthier Leila and Vegan Doctor Josh – all of whom will offer in-depth talks on health, nutrition and fitness. With cooking demo’s hosted by leading nutritionists and food guru’s too for some further inspiration on how to cook wholesomely tasty meal and eat well.

Looking for some new exercise moves or a new fitness regime? Take part in one of the many classes on offer at FitFest Oxford from boxercise and hula-hooping, to Zumba and martial arts classes. Explore a range of fitness choices to see which makes exercise the most beneficial and enjoyable for you.

Lydiah Igweh, the co-founder of FitFest Oxford, says: ‘we want visitors to enjoy something new, meet likeminded people, and ultimately feel inspired to live a healthier, fitter, happier lifestyle!’

Stop fretting about looking good this summer and concentrate on feeling good, feeling healthy and of course, feeling happy.

So what are you waiting for? Go get inspired at FitFest Oxford.

Tickets start from £25 to access the event and all of the sessions being held, with VIP, teen and free child passes also available. Get your tickets here.

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