My Latest Beauty Buys

January always calls for trying out any new products we received over Christmas or being a little self indulgent and just treating ourselves to some new things. Well I have picked out three of my latest and most loved beauty products to recommend to you guys and give you my honest opinions on.

Self Tan Water (Medium) by Tanologist

£22.99 – SuperDrug (currently on offer for £11.35)

I had been waiting to try this product forever but I was just a little bit skeptical to be honest at the thought of tanning water. I mean, I kept thinking ‘how does that even work?’ Nevertheless, this stuff is fan-fucking-tastic and I am so glad I bought it whilst it was on offer. Lottie Tomlinson should be very, very proud of herself because this water has give be better results than some of the biggest names in self tan that are out there.

I personally have been through them all, starting off with St.Moritz as a young and naive tanner before eventually splashing out on St.Tropez. However, Bondi Sands was my previous favourite. Unfortunately, in terms of a number of factors, not anymore.

First of all, the Tanologist self-tan water smells amazing. It is light, easily applied with a tanning mitt and dries instantly, leaving no oily, sticky and fears of your tan seeking on to other fabrics. It is a win win. So for that, it ticks all the boxes over Bondi Sands for a mid-range product because let’s face it, tan is usually quite sticky and no matter how much you like the smell of coconut, drinking Malibu will never quite feel the same after using too much self tan.

The only thing I will say is that the development process is a little longer, should you want darker results like myself. I applied the tan at about 5 o clock and impatient little me was sat there wondering where my natural sun-kissed glow was half an hour later. I left it about two hours before I thought, right I’m putting on another layer. So there I was – spray, spray, spraying away. It eventually started to develop. I usually do leave my tan overnight too as I do like to wash the residue off the next morning so it looks more natural and well, when I woke up the next day I was literally met with the most natural looking tan I’ve ever had. I looked like I had genuine tan lines where I had applied it around my knickers. It was not streaky – something I was worrying about due to it being water. Plus after a shower, it stayed put and a week later, here I am still look extremely tanned. 10/10 from me.


Rose Gold Essence by Nip+Fab

£15 – SuperDrug (currently on offer for £10)

These drops were actually a Christmas gift of my mums and having heard amazing reviews about it I was trying and using it before she even had the chance. Now, I have ordered my own because I just love this product so god damn much. If you love a glowing, dewy make-up look; this is the product for you. So at a glance it is a bit ambiguous. ‘Rose gold drops’, ok so what the hell is that for? Well it works as a primer, an enhancer for foundation or just a general boost of radiance for make-up free skin. With it’s rose gold specks adding that hue of brightness to your face.

During my everyday beauty routine, I have been ditching my usual cream primers and using a few drops of this after applying dots of foundation all over my face before blending in together for that all-over sheen that ensures more coverage and less foundation waste. I love love love it.

Nip+Fab are fast becoming one of my favourite face and body brands so even if this product isn’t for you, I’m sure you will find at least one thing you love within their vast range. I am actually planning to try some of their make-up and maybe do a little haul-type review post, so definitely keep an eye out for that!


Concealer Pen by Lacura

£3.59 – Aldi (I’m sorry I don’t actually have the specific shade. It comes in 4 shades however and the colour pictured below was the lightest)


Touché Eclat (1) by Yves Saint Laurent

£25 – Boots

I have been using Yves Saint Laurent’s legendary concealer on and off for years and I did not think I would ever find anything to top it. That was until I came across a £3 equivalent that was just as good, just minus the designer label and the hefty price tag that usually comes with it. It may be a complete dupe but it certainly is just as good.

As you can tell in the image where I have swatched both products. Aldi’s is the more warmer tone and actually more suitable to the type of make up look I usually go for. YSL’s is undoubtedly great for brightening up your under eye but I have been using both shade (1) and (2) for years and clearly, it’s pink under tone is really noticeable in comparison to this new find – aka. probably not the best shout for me. Since Aldi’s range comes with a less diverse shade range, this warm shade is definitely the best for me. It does not crease underneath your eye and does have brilliant coverage and lasting use.

Who says a higher price means better results?



Any other recommendations for some new products or your own pinions on the items I have listed, please do let me know!


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