Taking Some Winter Fashion ‘Inspo’ From The Best

January is well and truly here and therefore winter is only really just getting into full swing and we all know that when winter and it’s cold spells do eventually come along, we Brits can sometimes hit panic mode if we aren’t prepared for it. Well I just think, we may as well look warm, cosy and stylist.

Looking back at last year, March gave us a crazy amount of snow and so you never know what the British weather might throw at us in the next couple of months. At the least we can be fashionably prepared if ‘freezageddon’ starts. So whether it be just buying a new statement winter coat to accommodate your warmth over the seasonal weather or just learning the art of good old fashioned layering, sometimes a little bit of inspiration can go a long way to cater some of your winter looks. After all, it is important that we look super when we walk – actually no, when we strut down the freezing cold streets.

So who better to turn to for advice than the greats. Some of the leading ladies in fashion and those who I personally look to as my go-to fashion inspirations. Women who know how to take what they see or wear on the runway and incorporate it into their everyday looks whilst still making it look absolutely effortless. Whether these guys get styled or not, it’s how they carry themselves in what they wear that is something to be admired.

Elsa Hosk

Firstly, this VS angel pulls off street-style so well and I just adore every single look I have ever seen on her. She is all over Pinterest and is always wearing one of winters most beloved wardrobe pieces; the aviator coat. Such a key piece! She wears the aviator so well both casually and preppy. In fact, I would do anything to have that jacket and leather-look flared trousers (and the body to match to be quite honest)

In terms of that oversized teddy coat you can see her wearing above, it is that staple camel colour that goes so well with neutral tones for perfect winter looks. This type of coat pulls any outfit together, whether it be a black turtle neck for a sharp, classy look or just some casual denim attire. It does not discriminate, it works with most outfits you could possibly conjure.

Aimee Song

Aimee is the Instagram queen and therefore, the queen of perfect aesthetics – especially when it comes to her wardrobe! You only have to look at that all cream look above with those insane red cat-eye glasses for a pop of colour to know that she means business when it comes to colour palettes and styling.

A faux fur coat with a crossbody bag is the ideal example of an easy, effortless and classic look for winter. It helps you look like you have got your shit together, even if it is -1 and you’re itching to get your toes warm by the fire. Again, it is those neutral tones that compliment the crisp winter weather so well and actually add a sense of warmth to the time of year.

Hailey Bieber (congrats babe)

I feel like Hailey can just jump out of bed and manage to look effortlessly cool. Something I feel like we all wish we could do throughout winter when we wake up and see that it’s still dark outside. Well, a ‘throw-it-on’ longline relaxed coat is clearly how she does it. It is perfect for those ‘I honestly could not be arsed to try today – but at least it looks like I did’ outfits.

Any colour in this type of coat can work to make any outfit pop and if you manage to bag yourself a patterned number it would also add that little something extra. With raw cut denim jeans and some trainers, you can make the most casual of outfits look sophisticated with this coat.

Jourdan Dunn

Now, Jourdan Dunn knows how to pull off a puffer jacket and make it look glam. When it comes to this time of the year, a puffer jacket is your best friend. Pop an oversized one on with some jeans and amazing heeled boots and there you go, you will be channelling your inner runway model before you know it. Going somewhere fancy? Throw on a mini skirt and brave the cold – at least you’ll be warm on top.

Bold colours are also a great way to dress to impress at this time of the year. The bolder the better amongst the dull weather is refreshing, as anything to make these short days feel a bit brighter is encouraged. A seemingly ‘safe’ or simple outfit can be completely spun around into something fantastic with the help of a bit of colour that also doubles as a coat/cosy blanket. Clever thinking really?

Olivia Palermo

Lastly, I give you the ultimate styling guru and the creator of some major fashion inspo, Olivia Palermo – and boy, does she knows how to dress. Having admired her style since she was that bitch on ‘The City’ (Yeah, I totally believed her dramatic persona despite how scripted the show was) I don’t think she actually ever leaves the house without looking incredibly put together.

If it ain’t designer, it ain’t good enough for Olivia, which of course is not the most encouraging inspiration for us gals. Yet, her high-end looks can be easily replicated by high street retailers which is why I love her style so much. That grey co-ord check suit that she has paired with that neon purple zip-up sweatshirt could be easily duped through finding the entire look on ASOS or Bershka. I am telling you, Olivia knows what she is doing.

All in all, as much as my dad will always tell me, ‘it isn’t a bloody fashion show Ffion’. Quiet frankly, in my eyes, it most certainly is. So I am always on the look out for some ideas from the celebs and in fact, I bet we all find ourselves doing it everyday whilst we scroll through Instagram.

However, if you do take anything from this post at all, let it be that wearing a coat over your shoulders and not actually on your arms is always the celebrity go-to look. No matter the temperature, these women just do not seem to feel the cold. The things we do for fashion, ay?

All pictures collected via Pinterest.

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