5 Things To Keep Telling Yourself During Your Final Year of University.

So, the first semester deadlines and exams of third year are just around the corner *sarcastic cheers and fake smiles all round* Can we just fast forward to Christmas already?

I am not being pessimistic, it’s just the big one isn’t it? The daunting one. The year where it all becomes pretty real. Where real, authentic ‘adulting’ is just around the corner. Well, you can only imagine and mostly all relate to how stressful and slightly terrifying this is. The thought of a dissertation alone had me feeling kinda anxious all throughout the summer because I just care so much about doing well. However, now it is here and in full swing, it does seem doable, the finishing line does seem like it is right around the corner and the workload, well it is nothing we have not already done before and not quite as I intense as thought it was gonna be.

All in all, I am trying to think of third year positively and in doing that, I wanted to share with you a couple of useful tips I sometimes have to remind myself of when things feel like they are getting stressful. As at the end of the day, it is third year and it should be the best year yet and as positive, unstressed and enjoyable as possible.

– – – – –

1. Remember that there are 24 hours in a day.

Yes, it feels like if you do not get up at the crack of dawn and commence the hunt for a seat in the library that you will not get anything done, but you will. If you have a day free then take it slow, have a lay in and then you can smash it when you are finally well-rested. Have a job? Part-time or full time perhaps, you do have time. It may not feel like it and maybe you have other responsibilities aside from work but it only takes an hour to produce something great. So just take it day by day, a bit at a time.

2. Me-time is key.

Get ready to binge Riverdale and BBC three documentaries because it really is the key to helping you sit back and switch off. In fact, I think an evening of crappy tele should be prescribed to each and every student. A minimum of two nights a week for the rest of the year, okay?

3. Having a cry once in a while is not just okay, it’s encouraged.

I do, and my mum sure as hell knows about it. An emotional phone call every now and then just to tell her how much I have on my plate and how worried I am about balancing everything (diss, deadlines, working, grad jobs, etc.) can actually make me feel better straight away. Saying it out loud kind of helps you release some immediate stress and sometimes makes you realise you actually do not have as much to do as you think. Tell your housemates or your friends, they know exactly how you feel the most and are always the best motivators too.

4. Shots shots shots.

Just kidding, alcohol is not the answer but maintaining a social life is. It is doable and not as tiring as it feels. Don’t forget, it is third year after all. Do not let what is essentially your last year of total student freedom pass you by.

5. Keep a to-do list.

THIS. Literally will save your life. If you are an over-organised crazed planner like me, you will find refuge in lists. Pop a post-it note on your laptop or mirror. I personally like to add weekly lists onto the notes on my phone. As nothing feels more satisfying than being able to tick it off as the days/week goes by. Then you can just live. Once everything is completed, just do what ya damn well please. I personally like to congratulate myself with a cosy evening in with a glass of red but each to their own, you know?

– – – – –

So there you go, a few simple reminders to keep telling yourself when things start getting a bit stressful and you feel like there are not enough hours in the day. Plus it’s nearly CHRISTMAS, the sooner you hand those essays in, the sooner you can go home, relax and eat too many Aldi chocolate biscuit assortments.

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