A Week in Prague: The Must-See’s.

Current location: sat in the airport with a good 5 hours to go until we fly home from a lovely week in Prague and no, we aren’t delayed, we are simply early.

Prague is currently 30 degrees and with a late flight home, it got to the point where carting our suitcases around the busy city after leaving our Air Bnb and hopping from one coffee shop to another wasn’t working out. So we went with the easiest option; the airport. At least here we have air conditioning and charging points. Believe me, we are not that sad that we just have to have our phones but it’s practical for when we get home and well, I am just glad not to feel so hot and sticky anymore.

Regardless of our last day being a bit of a drag and a faff, Prague has been absolutely beautiful. The weather has been an added bonus really and given us that little September sun we never really expected when we booked it. Essentially, we were just craving some time to talk, sleep, explore and eat in a whole new, exciting country. We had the luxury of a week to do things at our own pace and I would highly recommend this time of the year for this length of stay. There is so much to see in Prague that it would almost be a shame to rush seeing everything in a couple of days, although of course it is possible and a popular weekend break regardless.

My overall thoughts as I leave Prague however are, when are we coming back?

I have honestly loved it here and just feel like every aspect of the lifestyle here is something to be admired. So, I did not really want to just list and list everything we did here. As most people know that the Old Town is a must see and so is Prague Castle. Instead, I wanted to delve further into some personal recommendations, from where to eat, which districts to visit or stay in and of course, where to shop.


Zizkov was the district we stayed in and with it being situated only 10 minutes out of the city centre by metro, it was perfect for a quieter, quirkier and cheaper stay. Air Bnb’s are proving quite the popular location here and it is obvious why. The area is full of lovely cafes you could spend hours in, wine shops where everyone gathers outside to socialise and a little bit of greenery here and there via their inner-city parks. As well as Zizkov Television Tower which you can take a ride up to the top in for some impressive views and even some evening dining.

I personally loved it here and felt like I really lived like a local for a week by wandering around of an evening seeking out the best rated restaurants in the area and retiring to bars with cheap wine after – I mean, there are a lot. (I 100% recommend BOHO Café & Store and Donut Shop) In the day time throughout the week there is a lovely farmers market in the Jiriho z Podebrad Square too which clearly brings out a lot of locals to sit, eat or drink and just talk to each other of an evening. It has a vibe like no other and we would not hesitate to stay here again if we return (which I have already decided is definitely happening)

Malá Strana

Another area which I fell in love with in Prague is Mala Strana on the opposite side of the Vltava River. On this specific day we firstly went for short boat trip up and down the river, which I would highly recommend if you have the weather. This gave us the perfect opportunity to gaze over the beauty of Prague’s picturesque scenery on either sides of the river. It was after that that I insisted we explore the other side after having only crossed so far to walk up to the castle. Charles Bridge of course, is a must-see all on its own and once crossed you are basically in Mala Strana territory. This specific area of Prague was far less crowded in some parts and felt almost like a little French town at when walking down some of its quiet, cobbled and narrow streets.

It is here that you will find the famous John Lennon Wall, along with the pub dedicated to him and The Beatles. As popular as the wall is, it really was a favourite moment of mine in Prague. The creative graffiti that graces the wall that was once dedicated to protests towards freedom has now become rather a celebration of peace and equality, making it rather something to experience. Further along you are greeted by a canal where you will of course find that ever present and romantic lock and key tradition. It is all these reasons as to why I loved Mala Strana and it’s carefree atmosphere. A real gem in an even bigger gem of a city.

Prague Zoo

You just have to go here, it’s simple. Huge appropriate and animal friendly enclosures which is always important to me. A heck of a hike but well worth the views. It has a chair lift up to its hilltop too, what more can you ask for? I am a big kid when it comes to seeing animals and so, it’s a huge must-see if you are too.

Coffee/Brunch Stops

Now, the part we have all really been waiting for. Wear to eat. Well, Prague just seems to get it right when it comes to food and drink. It’s extremely cheap and it’s extremely tasty. What more can you ask for? Between brunch and traditional Czech food, you are never too far away from a cracking meal. You must visit a traditional pub/eatery. However, there a a lot of ‘instaworthy’ brunch spots dotted all over the city and they are not to be missed.

Here’s the low down.

The Coffee Room: the best banana bread I have ever tasted and a seriously tasty dirty chai.

The Tavern: famous to Zizkov for its tasty hamburgers and a recommendation from our best friends. 10/10 burger, still thinking about it now to be honest.

Mistral Coffee: feeling eggs or a nice iced coffee? This minimal and aesthetically pleasing cafe can make your scrambled egg dreams come true.

Coffee Corner Bakery: another Zizkov favourite. Very popular for brunch and for obvious reasons.

Coffee & Waffles: another recommendation from a friend and boy, did it impress. Full English, WITH A WAFFLE?! It’s what dreams are made of.

So there we have it. My tips on how to spend a week in Prague and live like the locals do. We certainly ate our way around Prague but we absolutely loved exploring this city and are itching to go back already. (After we eventually arrive back in the UK that is) *huge sigh*

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  1. Loved this! Stunning photos xx

    Have you checked out my new blog post? Let me know your thoughts 💗💗💗


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