City Chic

You may only be in Prague once Ffion so you are gonna do it in style. That’s what I told myself as I was packing my small carry-on case for a week in the beautiful city. Gasp. A bloody carry-on for a week? Yeah, I know. I felt the same dread before I started packing but hey, we were trying to do things on a budget. With two pairs of trusty trainers and some super chic outfits ready to go, my suitcase wasn’t nearly as stuffed as I envisioned it being. Yet I’m here to talk more specifically about my fashion choices for this getaway. I wanted to share with you what I would consider the most effortless and lightest (for the suitcase) way to look absolutely chic as hell when taking a city break – because who doesn’t want to feel like Carrie Bradshaw when stepping anywhere slightly metropolitan?

Looking chic for some September sun in the city.

So my example is v v specific but it’s something that can be catered towards anything you may have in your wardrobe.

Basically, I took a trip to Oxford Circus a little while back and had been there for a mere ten minutes before I found myself stood in awe in the middle of the & Other Stories changing rooms. I could not believe how amazing this kind-of-simple-but-totally-me skirt was and how good it looked on. I had to have it. I already knew it was a best seller and not just judging by the fact that mine was the last one left in-store (it was one of those fairytale moments where the last one was in my size, what can I say, it was 100% fate) This skirt has been taking over Instagram feeds and influencers posts everywhere and as much as I was dying to wear it, I held back. I needed to wait and rock this baby in Prague.

So more to the point, with a combination of simple converse (I mean they are needed for the amount of walking a city break entails) As well as complimentary jewellery and a simple but bold tote bag – my ASOS organza bag with its tortoise shell handle was again, another I had been waiting to debut on holiday. I feel like I put together the ultimate effortlessly chic outfit. Not forgetting the badass pair of black cat-eye sunglasses that even Anna Wintour would be proud of to top it off.

This leopard print skirt speaks for itself and allows you to dress simply in order to compliment it. This is where I wish to share my advice with you for how perfect this kind of look is. We all know how much we all love a midi skirt at the minute. A busy skirt is the perfect ensemble for something to simply turn into the most glamorous outfit. It only takes a plain tee to go hand-in-hand with your chosen skirt and there you are, you are looking super chic before you know it. Sunglasses are on your head and you are ready to sightsee, brunch and drink lots of local wine – without going over your baggage allowance too.

Who doesn’t love simplicity and no fuss anyways? This outfit has definitely got you covered in that department.

Now you get up, go and explore in style.


Need more inspiration? I have made a Pinterest board for even more chic looks and ideas.

Expect the full low down on my trip to Prague very soon too.

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