My Go-To High Street Skincare Products

Now I’m no beauty blogger, but I would like to think that I manage to use a variety of reputable brands, that are either worth the money or perfect for me personally. Yet, if I find that high street brands suit me better, I am quite happy to avoid expensive labels to not only save money but use what’s best for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love me some Elemis face creams and what not and I will always treat myself to a Tom Ford fragrance because they are quite simply, the best. However, for my basic, everyday make up and skincare, I prefer to not worry about the cost and solely focus on what is best for my skin. So here is an example of my type of beauty haul and drugstore collective that range from cheap cosmetics to your usual Estée Lauder prices and what I would call my absolute go-to products.

So, I am only going to be brief just because I have wanted to write a little post on this for a while now but like I said, I am no professional and certainly far from a cosmetics connoisseur. However, if you take my recommendations from a ‘saving money’ perspective, then I would like to think that this post will be helpful. All products are pictured and tagged below also and to save you the stress of my god-awful photography, an overall image collage is included. So, I am afraid this is less of a visual blog today and you are just going to have to be stuck with listening to me pipe on about my beauty favourites.

Firstly, I thought I would order this somewhat chronologically to suit you from morning till night-time – since we all love a good skincare routine of course. Also, I am aware that these products work brilliantly for me and so, this is not direct advice as such, but an overall suggestion that some less costly drugstore products are just as fantastic as more top of the range brands. For me, the first two products to touch my face every day are both by Olay and when I say these are my go-to products that are ideal for normal/dry/combination skin, I really do mean it. Before showering every morning, I grab my Olay’s Refreshing Facial Cleansing Gel for an instant fresh face, clear of any leftover product from the night before and something I find perfect for my skin. It has become a fast favourite of mine and as someone who has avoided using cleanser for years after finding it to almost make my skin worse before making it better, this instantly got me feeling clean and purified. Then, I come to my all-time love of all moisturisers; Olay’s Beauty Fluid (day). What can I say, this shit is amazing? I apply before applying my primer and make-up everyday and have done since I was in my early teens. Fun fact however, both my mum and grandma have used this same beauty fluid for years. My mum has the best skin I have ever seen, and my grandma looks like she is in her early sixties, not her eighties. So, I swear by this stuff and believe that I am truly on to a winner if I use this everyday like them. Call me naïve, but I’ll count myself lucky if I look as gorgeous as them two when I’m their age. That’s all I have to say; this shit does wonders.

Moving on, next is my saviour when it comes to my make-up routine. My Mario Badescu Facial Spray (with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea), famously a brand found in every Urban Outfitters, but even more famous for its amazing skincare. Admittedly, it is the only product I have tried from their range, but I am beyond impressed and for the price of £7, it makes sense to just stock up. Personally, I spritz this on my face too before applying any primer/make-up and after wiping my make-up off at night. However, I love to use this product to spray my beauty blender with before use too, it just makes me feel so fresh on top of that dewy foundation look that I love. Then of course, I apply that extra special boujee spray after my make-up is finished, just because. We all can get a bit spritz happy I guess. The facial spray varies in different ingredients, but I just love the fresh smell of this one and trust me, it came in hella handy during our recent heatwave when I just used it to cool the hell down.

Next, I want to talk about Nip + Fab because their skin and body collection are both so good. Their Viper Venom Eye Fix is so innovative and just simply brilliant. A recommendation passed on from my mum and her friends to me, who absolutely adore using this, I am totally on board. Had a late night, a crappy sleep? Or just wanting to brighten up that undereye, this product which consists of a roller ball massages and instantly hydrates your undereye. Brilliant to apply and let dry before concealer and foundation. In terms of their bodycare, I turn to their Hyaluronic Fix Body Gel and their Shimmer Leg Fix. The gel I tend to use on my legs only, as I usually turn to more fragrant moisturisers to apply all over my body. If I am having my legs out in an outfit however, these products go hand in hand to making me feel confident and pampered. The gel leaves your legs feeling oh so soft and the additional shimmer allows for a healthy glow and tone to appear. I am obsessed and feel like this brand is quite underrated as it really does not fail to impress me every time with its different takes on cosmetics.

Lastly, an item probably on the more expensive side but nevertheless, still mid-range is the Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair. One drop of this stuff and you will fall in love. Right before bed and ten spritz’ of my facial spray later, I apply this product and wake up feeling so much more invigorated and any blemishes having calmed overnight. This stuff might not solve skincare, but it certainly has helped me solve any pretty big buggers on my face overnight. As much as it is an oil too, which scares the shit out of me usually as oil and my skin just scream, ‘grease!’ Yet, once applied to my skin, it could not feel anything but soft and soothing, none of that oily residue that tends to linger on some other products. As someone that uses Estee Lauder primer and foundation too, as the creature of habit that I am I like to keep it in the family.

So, there we are, a little low down of my own personal drugstore favourites, all that can be found in any Boots or Superdrug really, or of course, Urban Outfitters. Obviously, this is not my area of expertise at all, but it has been nice to share as I think as of recently I have jumped more onto the skincare bandwagon. Meaning that I have basically been spending a hell of a lot of time watching beauty vloggers in my spare time.

As promised, all prices and links:

Olay’s Refreshing Facial Cleansing Gel – £2.79

Olay’s Beauty Fluid (day) – £4.39

Mario Badescu Facial Spray – £7

Nip + Fab Viper Venom Eye Fix – £14.95

Nip + Fab Hyaluronic Fix Body Gel – £7.99

Nip + Fab Shimmer Leg Fix – £9.99

Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair (30ml) – £55

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