Just a Quick Little Update on Life

I am aware that it has been a hot minute since I got my head together and actually sat down to write a new post but I am finally trying to stop slacking so much and write some new content. As from tomorrow, I am completely exam, university and stress free for the summer and so, I will be dedicating a lot more time to my blog over the summer. There is also so much to look forward to throughout the next couple of months and therefore, I am sure I will have plenty to waffle on about. I am getting a little sense of wanderlust this year as I prepare to travel to Bali in a couple of months time and Milan for a city break in a matter of days. So of course, there will be much to blog about then.

It is not like I have had writers block lately, I really have just not had the time amidst all of my university work to sit and write anything but essay after essay. It has been one thing after another and the most stressful part of the year, so it is only fair to dedicate my upmost efforts to the most important thing, my education. It doesn’t help that when I am finally not busy, instead of writing a blog post, I am just chilling to my hearts content or re-watching episodes of Love Island on Netflix really. So, see what I mean by slacking?

Blogging for me is also a past-time, a hobby should I say. Right now, I am a student and so, I am more likely to only occasionally write a new post. I would love to dedicate more time blogging myself, but until I finish third year, I am sticking to using my blog as a vocational platform which can also showcase myself a little bit for the future. Plus, good writing takes time! Rushing a little post like I am now is not something I want my blog to be full of. I want to write posts with depth and allocate the same focus and detail on them as I would to an essay. So, you will have to bare with me. I am also not a technical whizz I am afraid and so, in summer I do plan to take more time to take better pictures to accompany my blog as well as getting my blogs appearance to meet a higher, professional standard too.

So, this is not much of a interesting post but more of an update to let you know that you can expect more from me soon, should you even care of course. I also have a post that has been sat in my drafts foreveeeeeer that I think I shall finally post this weekend. It is just a little recommendation post on some of my favourite high street beauty products and clearly not my usual thing and not exactly my forte, but if it’s a post, it’s a post and I enjoyed writing it. Stay tuned my loves.


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