Wednesday Calls for Casual

So we have hit that mid-week wall as always. You are tired, Monday feels like it was far too many days ago and the weekend feels like it is a lifetime away. 9/10 no one is ever really feeling a Wednesday. So, this always calls for casual clothing and a super easy outfit to put together because your Monday motivation is long gone and you are most likely just considering not washing your hair so that you can stay in bed half an hour longer.

This is why a classic jeans and tee is the saviour of all saviours on days like these and your go-to look for something quick to pick out and shove on but something that can still look stylish. With the help of a few trendy staple pieces in your wardrobe, you cannot go wrong with this. Personally, I think flared jeans are just super easy to throw on and automatically look stylish in. They are just a look in itself and so, if you really are not feeling up to your Wednesday morning, a pair of trusty flares will not go a miss. Pair it with a simple or graphic tee and you are pretty much done, with very little effort needed too. Then if you are having that bad hair day, accessorise with a trusty baker boy hat (seriously, it is a gals best friend when its not hair wash day). If you have work, school or university, throw on a cute little backpack too and you already have a solid outfit.



Wednesday blues may be rife but that is certainly not what your outfit is saying.


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