What Is Your Next Step?

From one student to another, is it just me or does university literally just start and then end in a flash? Second year has seriously just flown by for me and I cannot quite believe I will be in my last ever year before I know it. It is actually scaring the hell out of me a little bit because that means I am really going to have to start serious ‘adulting’ and get myself out there into the fulltime job world. Of course, this is the most exciting part of finally graduating and earning your degree. It is just kind of dawning on me that this is going to be the case real soon and before I know, I will be no longer a student!

So, now it has got me thinking about what I want out of a job once I graduate, you know, like what is my five year plan? Well, I definitely do not have one of those because who really does at my age? 20 years old and knowing exactly where you are heading in life is something quite rare. Again though, this just adds to the excitement of it all. However, what I do know is that the industry I have always wanted to work in is fashion and it always has been. That is a pretty wide spectacle though, and by studying English Lit and Media, Communication and Culture, at first my degree may not particularly scream fashionista to you, but more, book worm.

You see the plan was always to get into journalism, not within the news industry, as I cannot quite see myself reporting amidst a hurricane and what not, but fashion journalism. I watched Ugly Betty when I way too young to be watching it and so, I have envisioned myself working for a glamorous publication like Mode for a long time – I mean I know it is entirely fictional and its risqué dramas are totally the opposite to what happens in most cases, but I was naïve okay.

Anyway, so when it came to applying to university and still wanting to head down this route I did have my reservations. If decided to do a journalism or a fashion degree, what if I decided at the end of my three years that actually, I don’t want to be a journalist or I want to work within a different sector. What good would that do? Plus, learning the ins and outs of ethics for the news industry when it is not a career I want to consider did not seem relevant to me. So I came to a successful compromise, since my best subjects at high school were English literature and Media Studies (and it is a worthwhile subject people, its the 21st century, c’mon, technology is the future and what not) That seemed like the best way to go for something that would equip me with everything I needed to enter my desired industry. Yet, if I did happen to change my mind, there is an endless amounts of jobs that I could still find an interest in within the media industry.

Now here I am, second year in, and starting to panic. I am non-the-wiser as to what I 100% really want to do, in fact there are a whole tons of things I would like to do. I would still of course love to be a fashion journalist, but after being educated in magazine publishing and being enlightened on the difficulties of freelancing, starting from the very bottom and most importantly, the wage, I still currently have my options open. My degree has really captured my interest in marketing, new media and communications, so I am quite ready to fall into whatever fate intends me to do.

Additionally, I am loving blogging and that has really made me realise that I could never give up writing, even after university. What I do know for sure is that I am ready to take on anything after I graduate and delve into whichever job prospects may hopefully come my way. Having had some prior work experience within the magazine publishing industry, when it comes to my work placement module next year, I think I would be tempted to apply for something different to get a taste for something else first-hand. I would also recommend anyone wanting to gain lots of experience to do this and always broaden their options to get see a variety of different careers if you are unsure like me. Having worked part time in retail for several years alongside school and university too, my interest in fashion has only really heightened – and turned me into the addicted shopper that I am of course, but I can only really blame myself for that.

So despite sometimes wishing I had gone into dentistry so I could actually come out of university with a qualified job title, I am quite looking forward to seeing what the future holds, if not just a little bit frightened.

AND if anyone has any advice from experience within these industries or knows of any great company’s/brands/publications that offer placements, please let a girl know!


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