OOTD: A Casual Look For ‘Spring’

We all know that British weather does not have the best track record when it comes to warming up at this time of the year, but winter has decided to drag out just that little bit longer this year. As a result, winter clothes are still with us and any prospective spring clothes we may have bought are still currently hanging in the wardrobe unworn. It’s not ideal, but it is so quintessentially British and so, all we can do is complain and maybe just find a way to compromise.

This year, a spring item I am seeing everywhere is most definitely the shacket, which is essentially, a light jacket that is not thin enough to be classed as a shirt, and most definitely the perfect ensemble for spring weather… Of course, that relies solely upon the weather actually being comparable to a spring day in the first place and quite clearly, we have not been so fortunate to come across that throughout 2018 so far. I mean, what’s an Easter bank holiday without a bit of snow fall eh? Of course not.

So, if you want to jump on this shacket hype, then your best bet is layering at the minute I’m afraid. Layering until your body can withstand the plummeting temperatures and you can wear your thick shirt without a shiver. Throw a trusty winter jumper on underneath and get your spring on with some shades so we can at least ‘pretend’ that it’s warm.

You can also catch my latest looks on the Looker app, so get downloading, browsing and uploading your own outfit pics. It is the perfect app for grabbing inspiration for some new fashion buys, as well as seeing how they are worn and styled.

OR check our their blog.


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