The London Fashion Week Festival 2.0


Hello hello! Okay so firstly, just a little rant about the weather because what the hell is this snow all about? I mean I am not a fan of snow to begin with, but c’mon, we are supposedly at that point of the year where winter is coming to a close, are we not? Then to top it off, I have been sat with my fingers and toes crossed so far this week that it all holds off around Oxford until I get myself home for a long weekend, not ideal! However, a long and cosy weekend snowed in does not sound so bad. I just need to be able to get there in the first place! So I am not too buzzed right now, I will not lie. Moving on though, last week was a totally different story where I was actually enjoying the thought of dressing up for the cold and working a little faux fur number because of course, it was The London Fashion Week Festival.

The festival really is the next best thing if you have not been so lucky to bag yourself a seat at a Fashion Week runway – we can only dream – and so, it allows you to get a real taste of the action. As my second year attending, it did not fail to disappoint as another year meant another day of brilliant photo opportunities and with its usual variety of leading partnership brands, there was no room for boredom. As soon as we walked in we obviously headed straight to the bar. Obviously. Then with a cocktail in hand, we were ready to browse some designers and the rest of the brands… and by browse, I mean browse, because last year I invested in a pair of D&G heels and so, I promised myself (and my bank account) that I would not be tempted into such an impromptu purchase again. This is what the festival does to you!

What I found – and loved – about this year was that there actually was an array of more affordable brands on sale at the venue. Instead of simply showcasing designer labels at designer prices, there were some more quirky, high street brands that were equally as tempting, if not more. I’m talking about the likes of The Ragged Priest and Pretty Lavish, whom I took some inspo from through their pop ups that day which I plan to shop for online real soon. With a retro River Island photo-booth and an Olivia Burton flower wall fit for a Kardashian, we were well and truly in our happy places. Plus, it is always so nice and refreshing to see people of all ages attending where as a collective, we are all just lovers of fashion. Then to see everyone just totally embracing their style without a care in the world, it is a day not to miss out on. Plus, where else do you ask a complete stranger to take a photo of you and have them take multiple until the lighting/angle/pose is right?

I am already excited for next year and even more excited for this flipping snow to get the picture and leave us all alone. 




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