Personal Style: What Do Your Saved Items Say About Yours?

Hello, hello. So these past couple of weeks have been my first few lectures back at uni after a six week Christmas break and boy, am I STILL feeling this return to academia. In fact, I think my brain is officially fried after returning to 9am starts and an abundance of coursework. I’m struggling to cope with what exactly the words essay and deadline even mean right now amongst all the work that is being thrown at me, and of course I have already found a way to start stressing already. Anyways, here I am on a Sunday, doing nothing but writing, editing and cutting down essays like there’s no tomorrow. So, this is just a quick one in-between the catching up I have got to do with all my reading and what not on top of my work load – like, I am seriously at the end of my tether before the tears start. I mean cmon, it is only the THIRD week in and I am already crying out for summer…

Emotional breakdown aside though, throughout one of my lectures last week amongst my incessant browsing of Zara’s new SS18 collections and shopping ASOS’ latest items, I started thinking about how my fashion identity would come across if someone was to browse through the saved items on my online shopping wish-lists. I mean, there is always an abundance of items I love but don’t need stored on there anyways, so it would be a pretty good place to get the full extent of what usually draws my attention.

Honestly though, I am always really crappy at putting an exact stamp on my style and if I was asked to give you three words to describe it, I would most likely struggle. It is actually really hard! You never want to sound too basic but sometimes your style is pretty basic, but with some edgy and well styled pieces. So it’s a tricky one! So I took a little look at the saved items on my ASOS app to gain some insight as to what usually catches my eye and to see what my shopping basket would say about me.

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Evidently, I appreciate a good, comfortable shoe. It is true though, I really do own a ridiculous amount of pairs of casual trainers. I just cannot ever find the same adoration and flattering look from a a pair of boots. Whereas, my Vans, Converse or a pair of platform canvas trainers are always a ‘winner, winner’ as my go-to choice of footwear. Not only are they the comfiest choice, but in terms of versatility, I find that they do just go perfectly with any sort of outfit. If I am wearing a dressier outfit for work one day, my black old skool platform Vans are that perfect ensemble to make something a more daytime look because I tend to keep my outfit choices looking as relaxed as possible. I also tend to hate my ankles in most boots, they tend to look really unflattering! So when in doubt, I go for a trainer to keep it super cool, but super casual.

Not only do I obsess over trainers though, I love me some denim. Culottes, flares, cut-offs. I am a big fan and when it comes to denim jackets… I KNOW I have too many, my poor, over-cluttered wardrobe knows it too. Yet I still keep buying them – or of course, storing them in my saved items to pine over. What can you do, hey?

In terms of prints, it is very clear that I like animal prints. Cheetah and leopard especially are prints which continuously makes up some of the favourite additions to my wardrobe. Jackets, tops, belts, bags. I just love it. Both prints have always seemed to have such a stigma of appearing tacky though and I agree that to some extent it can. Styled in the right way though, anyone can pull it off! Obviously in this case, as a very bold print, less is more though… Nevertheless, I am the fifth Cheetah Girl at heart.

Stripes seem to crop up too, as they also make for the perfect print on a statement jumper or t-shirt. It is a casual print but can be so versatile too and if you don’t fancy forking out over a hundred pound for a CDG t-shirt, you will never fail to see some colourful or monochrome stripes in a high street store. This is why I love the print so much!

When it comes to accessories, my saved items show that I like to keep it fairly simple, but that I do love my earrings! Especially hoops. Oh hoops. They are just so everyday and diverse is their appearance. I mean, check out those super cute heart shaped hoops on the old slideshow. As I am not a huge fan of gold jewellery and usually stick to silver, I am always on the look out for some delicate, silver jewellery and I love when I come across some really unique pairs. However, I have been known to fall in love with some gorgeous gold statement jewellery and I mean, I could never say no in that case.

Lastly, I think we need to have a talk about flares. I absolutely love that flares are so on trend again at the minute because they are just to die for. Flared sleeves or trousers, I am all for bringing back the 60’s bohemia and 70’s disco era if it means I can wear some flared clothing. I am all about working them everyday too, do not be afraid to get the flares out whenever because people are seriously loving them at the minute.

So in a nutshell, perhaps you could say my style definitely comes across as quite casual but always kept quite cool. I think for me a chilled out elegance is the way forward. I am most likely to style any chic and sophisticated items with more simple or again, casual items or accessories to make sure the outfit does not appear to preppy, but certainly is not ordinary. Then of course, you know you can also catch me in culottes or flares any day.

Now enough of this procrastination because I seriously do need to get my arse back to work. Fun fun fun.

‘Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you. But you decide what you are’
— Gianni Versace


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