An All Year-Round Scent

If you are sick of the fragrance you got over Christmas already or you are wanting something fresher as we enter the spring months, then ‘Amber’ by Laboratory is the ideal all year-round scent for you. I have been wearing this perfume for a couple of years now and it is honestly the most complimented perfume I have ever owned! Yet it is so underrated or perhaps, more unheard of amongst the fragrance world. You can find the brand sold in Selfridges, but mostly in an array of exclusive, independent boutiques. This definitely caters towards the simple, natural but quirky image that the brand aims for – surely making them a worth while purchase. However, at £65 for a 100ml bottle, this UK made eau de toilette already outshines a lot of leading fragrances.


‘Amber’ was the brands first of what is now a exquisite range of cruelty-free and vegan-friendly fragrances, but I am still very much in love with this one. A scent for any gender, it’s durable, warm and rich tones are perfect of an evening or through the winter party months. Whereas, its essence of greenery and natural oils add a freshness to the scent that is perfect first thing in the morning or to compliment a summers day, making this the perfect all year-round scent. I find that a few generous spritz’ in the morning are enough to last me through an entire busy day, with its long-lasting scent seeing me through a morning of lectures followed by an evening in work, where I will still receive comments on the perfume I’m wearing. Then if I am going out for the evening, a few more sprays will only intensify the succulent spice of this smell.

The overall aesthetic of Laboratory’s fragrances also adds to what I adore about ‘Amber’ so much. Staying true to its name, its innovative and refreshingly original ‘laboratory-esque’ beakers create the perfect bottle to compliment the brand. Each fragrance is also available in a scented candle, which smells as equally as gorgeous as the eau de toilette, for £45. This adds for more aesthetically pleasing packaging and I am not kidding! Their candle ‘beakers’ are perfect for use even after your candle has been burnt. I cleaned mine out and use it as a holder for all of my make-up brushes because I am a sucker for little things like that making me giddy. You know when any sort of new decor that is visually pleasing gets you a little bit excited? Yeah, that is me. Anyway, the ‘Amber’ candle also makes me think of home, as when you walk into my house of an evening, you can almost guarantee my mum will have the candle lit and it just fills the entire hallway with its warm, inviting tones.


So if you have not already, got check out their fantastic website or follow them on Instagram @laboratoryperfumes

Be sure to check out their other amazing scents too: Gorse, Samphire, Tonka, and Atlas.

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