A Short but Sweet Recollection of Twenty Seventeen

Well 2017, the year I tried my first ever Five Guys, you have not been too bad at all. So please, enjoy this soppy, reminiscent post and the images of me pottering about Radcliffe Square like the worlds worst tourist.



From Bologna to Barcelona (clearly kept to the B’s this year). These weekend city breaks have by far been the highlights of my year. Italy is my favourite country to visit with my family and so exploring the underrated city of Bologna after completing my first year at university was the best reward. I guess it is not hard to say no to a weekend of ice cream, pasta and aperol spritz though. Barcelona was my first holiday with my boyfriend and despite the miles of walking I insisted we do, the poor blisters it gave him as a result and that time I ‘misplaced’ his Ralph Lauren cap on the beach, it was everything I had hoped it would be. As the incessant planner that I am, I was armed with a list of places to visit and we managed to tick off every single one in four days, with some unexpected gems in-between.


2017 involved another year of studying, living and working in Oxford. It is honestly one of my favourite cities in the world and despite the crazy amount of tourists that make it impossible to walk down the high street at any sort of pace, it really is the prettiest little place. From spending summer days in the university parks or the botanical garden, to drinking your way down the cocktail list of every bar on Cowley Road and eating in the cosiest restaurants in Jericho to feel a bit more like you go to Oxford uni and not Brookes for an evening. All the hard work feels worth it when you get to be in such a brilliant city for the majority of the year.


Indulgences Here and There

Back in February at the London Fashion Week Festival, I treated myself to my first designer purchase – a biggie, I know. I bought a pair of the most gorgeous pair of vintage Dolce and Gabbana heels because 1. It was payday and 2. They were a gorgeous pair of vintage Dolce and Gabbana heels. Although I am still waiting for the right occasion to finally wear them, they are such a unique item to have. This year also granted me with my first Gucci treat. A pair of their trademark trainers that are so classic but yet so everyday too and something to get your moneys worth out of. So thank you very much, Santa.

And as I am not really fan of New Years resolutions – because I am shocking at sticking to them – there are a few things I am determined to do in 2018. Four things in fact: travel to some exotic places, blog more, try to get my arse to graduate with a First in uni and to drink more gin.

Here’s to a happy, drunken and very messy New Year!


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