The Unofficial Guide To All Things Cosy

After being at home for a weekend recently, I decided that my blog was seriously lacking a post on home comforts and all things cosy because 1. It’s that time of year where cosiness is a necessity to gaining those Christmas vibes, 2. I am a tad obsessed with winter warmers like candles, jumpers, hot chocolate etc, and 3. Don’t we all appreciate anything that’s guaranteed to make us feel more relaxed in one way or another?

In a nutshell, comfort is what this cold time of year is all about. It’s bloody 3 degrees outside, all you want is to be sat in a little fluffy cocoon blanket surrounded by an abundance of scented candles whilst you watch I’m A Celeb! So here are my top 5 home comforts for when I am at home feeling festive or sleepy at this time year:

1. The main contributor to a cosy ambience: candles

I cringe at the thought of how much I spend on expensive candles around this time of year and not just for myself, because my mum lights just as many candles as I do. They are just blissful when it comes to relaxing and you are never going to take a bubble bath whilst feeling like Jennifer Lopez unless you are surrounded by 20 tea lights. Despite the fire hazard, they are one of my favourite things to buy and brands like Jo Malone and Oliver Bonas are the kings of scented candles. Although they are pretty pricey, there is nothing better than lighting my Pomegranate and Patchouli Oliver Bonas candle or going home to see my mums gigantic Lime, Basil and Mandarin Jo Malone candle burning. If you are not a fan of spending as silly amount as me on candles, then brands like Primark and H&M sell amazing candles in their home collections for as little as a £1! It’s making me sleepy just thinking about it!

2. Dreamy home décor.

Nothing creates an atmosphere like walking into a room and spotting the cosy lighting, a huge pile of cuddly-looking cushions and huge throw to wrap yourself in whilst you plonk your bum down on the sofa. During the first semester of the year, my priority at university is making my room look as warm and snug as possible because I NEED somewhere extra chill to come back to after spending 6 hours in the library. Décor is obviously an additional amenity that I do want to spend a lot on whilst living in a student house, so I turn to the likes of Primark, H&M home, Oliver Bonas and Next for some added comfort in my bedroom. Throw on some £2 fairy lights onto your wall and you can form your own winter wonderland in a matter of moments, and other cosy elements like light-boxes and over the top candle holders also give your room more of a glow. There is nothing like copper décor to create a pleasant, warm vibe too.

3. Tasty treats

Grab yourself some mulled wine, grab yourself some chocolate and enjoy the warmth. If you and your friends are not surrounding by endless wrappers and crumbs by the end of a relaxing night in, you are doing it wrong. At this time of year, Cadbury’s is your best and hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows on top pretty much becomes a sixth food group of its own. Calories don’t count on Christmas anyway!

4. Knitwear to die for.

If you find yourself finding it hard to plan outfits at this time of year due to it just being so damn cold that no piece of clothing is suitable or substantial enough to keep you warm – you need to stock up on some jumpers. There is nothing better than slipping on a cosy, but gorgeous bit of knitwear during the winter as a simple everyday statement piece. How can jumpers be simple and a statement you ask? Go bold! Plain is great, but choose a bright colour that can add that bit of glam to an outfit that you are only really wearing because you feel like a block of ice. Knitwear is so versatile these days too, you can wear a cropped jumper is you are wanting a dressier look and flutes sleeves are taking over the regular turtle neck.

5. Get hooked!

Last but not least, in order to have an extremely relaxing night-in, a top-notch Netflix series is required. Even if you are just re-watching the entire series of Gossip Girl from start to finish for the 10th time, you need a good watch to accompany your sweets, fluffy blanket and amazing, homely lighting. Guilty pleasures like reality TV and talent shows like the X Factor are almost a necessity for a Saturday spent on the sofa, despite how awful it may be, it is practically traditional! With December looming upon us also, take a break from the craziness that is the holiday period and watch Elf for the 100th time and pretend you aren’t sick of watching A Christmas Carol with your mum everyday like me, do it for the cosiness guys.


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