My Love/Hate Relationship with Autumn

I know it’s pretty when the trees are that beautiful combination of orange, yellow and brown but I just really don’t know how I feel about Autumn. See, I have always had an inner battle with deciding if the sun shining down on a crisp morning is a nice way to start the day or if it’s just too bloody cold for my liking. For me, Autumn can be problematic in so many ways. It’s that time of year when you have to start popping a thicker coat on and start layering up when you leave the house in the morning. Then, half way through the day when the sun decides to come out your coat leaves you to begin to roast from the inside out. Going on a night out becomes that little bit more of a hassle when you have to consider what jacket goes with your outfit, for you to be charged £2 just to then hand it in when you get to the club. It is also the time of year when wearing a pair of your favourite denim culottes comes to that point where you just have to go back to jeans because your poor ankles are frozen. Ultimately, it’s a clothing problem.


As much as I love an Autumn/Winter clothing collection like I love Spring/Summer, an instant drop in temperature is sometimes a shock to the system where my myself and my wardrobe aren’t prepared. I mean I got back to university this year and when my mum asked me if I should be packing all my jumpers I said, ‘no way it’s only September!’ Two weeks later and I was begging her to post every jumper I own – which she unfortunately didn’t as I own a hell of a lot of jumpers. Maybe I just don’t like change, but as much as I love a soft and fluffy turtle neck or a skirt, boots and tights combo, I am already missing t-shirt weather.

So in my lack of autumnal clothing, it meant that shopping was needed. See, this is where my fickleness takes a turn and I say that actually, I don’t mind autumn. The reboot of shops for their AW17 collections just fills me with excitement and I am guilty of buying the first comfy coat I can find – but on the other hand, I’m still getting over the fact that it’s too cold to wear sliders and Birkenstocks everyday. It’s an adjustment and a half but, I have found some key Autumn pieces to see me through the cold months.

So I think my faux shearling coat from Zara is the fluffiest, warmest and overall the best new addition to my Autumn wardrobe. It’s taupe colour and cropped fit means it can be paired with almost every outfit – and it keeps me so damn warm! At £49.99, it was an extremely reasonably priced aviator coat and who wouldn’t be tempted by that? Even better, there are pink and yellow versions of this coat too which have recently been repriced to £25.99 and now that, is a bargain you can’t refuse. Still though, I am a hoarder of denim jackets and I am connected to my real leather jacket on a spiritual level. So, it is now a case of having to majorly layer up if I want to throw on some denim.

Nevertheless, when it comes to shoes for this time of year it can make you go a little bit crazy. The amount of patent, patterned and leather heeled boots that I come across, it does become hard to resist temptation. Also, I think everyone and anyone can look seriously glam in a pair of thigh high boots. So at this time of the year, those I welcome gladly. It is just the tedious amount of bad weather, dark nights and times where I underestimate how cold or warm it is that make me have a love/hate relationship with Autumn. If I could wear the clothes but not have to leave the house in the dark in the morning and only get back from uni or work for it to be dark again, I think I would love Autumn.

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