Stress No More

So it is October already and that only means one thing, it is already getting to that point of the semester where essays are due and deadlines are cropping up thick and fast. This is the time where stress is inevitable. I mean it’s quarter to one on a Sunday night as I am writing this right now because I simply cannot sleep for worrying too much about uni and clearly, I thought it would be logical to stay up at write a little self-help – and reminder – on how to de-stress every once in a while. Here are 6 little tips that I find helpful when needing to clear my head of stress and gather little bit of reassurance that my life is actually on track.

1. Write it down.

From doing what I am doing right now and typing up my worries in the early hours of the morning to making some simple notes and giving myself a clear plan of what there is to do and how long I have to do it is a great start. I like to jot down some bullet points of what I need to do that day/week and slowly cross them off my to-do list or even just having a clear post-it note on a wall with all my forthcoming deadlines on to remind me that ‘I DO have time’ is good enough. Nothing like some self-reassurance to clear the brain.

2. Sleep.

Get into bed and have an early night (or try like I am trying and failing to do right now). Don’t stay up until all hours of the night to cram in your work! Wind down, catch up on some shut eye and get up early the next day instead to crack on with anything you need to do. You will be so much more motivated without tiredness looming over you and let’s face it, there is only so much coffee can do to keep you awake. You need your sleep.

3. Have a bubble-bath.

You heard me. Get in the tub, throw half a bottle of Radox de-stress or sleep help bath cream in and light some candles. Pour yourself a glass of wine whilst you are at it too. This little form of relaxation alone will be a little treat to get you feeling calm and content. Especially if you have had a busy day, a bath before bed will get you ready to cosy up for the night and forget any worries you may have had.

4. Give yourself a night off and get sloshed!

Go out with your mates and just forget about it for a night. One night won’t do you any harm – I mean if you have an unfinished essay due the following day I wouldn’t recommend it but otherwise, go for it. If you are really panicking, just work beforehand but then give yourself the rest of the night off to dance the worries away.

5. Bake a cake and eat it too.

Take a few tips from Paul Hollywood and bake yourself some wholesome, tasty goodness. I would personally proscribe something chocolatey to really get those happy hormones releasing! There is nothing like some sweet treats to make you feel fabulous.

6. An obvious one, retail therapy.

I mean you knew this one was coming. Treat yourself! Go buy yourself a nice new outfit or pair of shoes. You’ll be so happy with your latest purchase that you might just stop thinking about everything you need to do for a minute and just enjoy some DIY therapy. I bought my latest fluffy, warm Zara jumper as a little treat from me to me and it definitely perked me up a bit.

On a more serious note though, do not let stress overbear your time at university. Go out and enjoy yourself, you have time! It is just about managing it wisely and fighting the temptation to procrastinate to the very last minute. If you are struggling, your university may offer some useful guidance for time management and stress. Enjoy your young adulthood whilst you can and don’t let your worries ruin your fun!

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