When It’s Too Hot for Clothes 

So I am feeling very bittersweet whilst writing this post right now. Here I am sat reminiscing the glorious Spanish weather that I was basking in this time last week, whilst staring out the window at the dull sky, high winds and clouds that are threatening to rain. I mean, I think it’s obvious where I would rather be right now. B a r c e l o n a.

This amazing city is one I had been dreaming of visiting for a long, long time and I can safely say it lived up to all expectations, if not more. It is the ideal balance between a city break and a beach holiday, as they have both wrapped up into one! So after a long day of sightseeing, you can head down to one of its long stretch of beachs and relax with a mojito or two. Aside from this though, there is also a huge – and I mean huge – amount of shopping opportunities dotted all over the city. I’m talking three Zara’s on one street here. So not only is it a city full of exquisite taste in architecture, their taste in fashion is second to none.

This only meant one thing, I needed to pack some amazing outfits but this is also where my problem started, what do you wear when it’s too hot for clothes? When the temperate is bordering the 30’s everyday and I become a melting mess because my Welsh genes go into shock from the unfamiliar prescence of heat. Therefore, some simple, minimal yet still statement outfits were called for whilst I was exploring the Catalunya capital and here are a few of my favourites.

These high waisted denim shorts from Urban Outfitters were the perfect last minute buy for this trip. They were throwing off all sorts of Versace vibes and so I had to have them. They are a great fit too, flattering for the waist but not too fitted around the legs, making them extremely comfortable when walking the many miles in the sun that we did. They were just the right bold and unique item I needed to be able to piece with a simple cami top throughout the day and despite how I may have seriously clashed with the moasaic tiles of picturesque Park Güell, at least I did it in style.

For an evening look, I chose a bold one shoulder ruffle blouse in the most amazing shade of orange from ASOS. Not only did the colour of the blouse compliment my sunburn quite nicely, it was a super loose fabric and kept me feeling cool despite the humidity in the evening. I accessorised the blouse with a pair of beaded tassel drop earrings from Topshop. Although currently out of stock online, the white and turquoise earrings are still available in some stores and with the bold, tassel drop trend being so adored right now, Topshop, among many other brands, have so many more where that came from.

One thing I think we all fall guilty of after booking a holiday though, is the feeling of being inclined to buy a whole new wardrobe for the sake of a couple of days and before you know it, you’ve spent more than the holiday cost itself. With this in mind, I went for some Zara Basics to help tie some of my outfits together without having to spend more than £10. The simple bandeau tops I bought that are available in several colours, mine being red and black, were fabulous for pairing with my multi-coloured palazzo pants that I bought from Zara and Missguided last year and had only worn once. It was a fab way to involve another statement piece for a glamourous night time look, without starting from scratch and buying a whole new outfit.

Now for a bit of me waffling on about food and making myself and you all super hungry, but I just had to rave about one more thing about Barcelona – the tastiest thing in fact. The fantastic restaurant, Brunch & Cake. The established Cup & Cake have several branches dotted around the city and so, you are never too far away from one of their delicious menus and it is well worth the trek to one. Brunch & Cake however, incorporated the concept of ‘salad for breakfast, pancakes for dinner’ and who doesn’t like to indulge a bit when they’re on holiday? Their sweet and savoury dishes include all sorts of delicious, colourful ingredients with plenty of fruit, veg and wholesomeness so that you feel good, even when you’re being naughty.

I mean just scrolling down their Instagram page alone makes me hungry.


So if you ever find yourself in beautiful Barcelona, pack substantial shoes (lots of walking), dress to impress and leave room in your tummy for some pancakes for dinner.

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